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TV Wall Mounts - Which To Use


Just Where You Want It Omni-Directional Mount

sylvania Mount Border Many of the TV mounts available have a slender bar that attaches to your wall, and this bar must be attached to a single stud. What if the stud isn't centered over, say a fireplace? Do you have to place the mount off-center?

This is why I like Sylvania mounts (shown on left). They have a wide bracket, at least 20 inches, that mounts to the wall across a wider area and can be mounted precisely where we want it. How is this accomplished you might ask?

This is accomplished by putting additional braces, one on each side, behind the wall. This method can't be used if the mount attaches to just one stud. So this Sylvania mount can be centered exactly where you want it, like over a fireplace for instance.

Yes it's more work to add behind the wall braces but it allows you to precisely locate the mount. Sometimes a single stud is located in a better mount position and is preferred to straddling two studs. In this case a system that mounts to a single stud will work well, like the Sanus VMF220-B1 (up to 46 inch set), but it will mount a few inches off center of the stud.

Mount Tilts Up and Down

These mounts can be purchased for less than $100. They allow you to mount your TV nearly flush and adjust the viewing angle up and down, but not left to right.

Fixed Mount

This mount doesn't move side to side or tilt, but allows you to get your TV nearly flush to the wall.

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