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COST of installation
2012-08-13 22:11:57
Cost of Installation

must have an existing outlet within 10 feet of location and cable box ready.
Wall mount over fireplace or unusual locations are slightly more running cable wires extra HDMI cables sound bars surround sound systems billed accordingly.
note We use special high speed CL2 HDMI cables and 14 awg electrical wire with 350 joules of surge protection outlet for less money than the big box stores. We do it right.
We can also install an IR infra red repeater system to remotely access your components behind closed doors or in a hidden cabinet. This usually runs about 150- 200.
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Definitions and education
2012-08-08 03:42:39
HDMI- high definition multiport interface. One cable delivers HD audio video and internet.
1080p is superior to 1080i. The i in 1080i means Interlaced which means half of the image is displayed each 160th of a second. With 1080p the entire image is displayed each 160th which means 1080p is literally twice as clear.

1080p is the best 1080 lines received in progression on the screen in a split second
1080i interlaced received line 1357... lines then the others are filled in afterwards still better than 720.
60HZ refresh speed good
120hz refresh speed better
240hz refresh speed - bestno checkerboards
Ethernet channel provides internet access. need an HDMI cord w ethernet which sends the signal.
WIFI is good but a little slower than having an ethernet cable direct to your box.

Audio Return Channel ARC- Allows the HDMI connection between a television and AV receiver to transmit audio two ways both upstream and downstream. This eliminates the need for a separate audio cable ensuring the high digital audio quality of HDMI

For surge suppression 300- 3000 joules protection the higher the better.
I recommend 700-1350 minimum for TV and 300 - 700 for boxes. DVD cable box.

Joules to watts calculation formula
The power P in watts W is equal to the energy E in joules J divided by the time period t in seconds s
PW EJ ts
watt joule second
W J s
What is the power consumption of an electrical circuit that has energy consumption of 90 joules for time duration of 3 seconds?
PW 90J 3s 30W

LED - light emitting diodes- brightest picture looks well in bright areas as weel as dark areas
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display - there are now 2 kinds the LED backlight is an upgrade from the previous florescent uses less electricty brighter and lasts longer.
Plasmas - greatly ikmproved from previous models I don't recommend in bright areas as it is not as bright as LCD or LED but OK in darker areas and less costly with still great quality of picture.

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blu ray
2012-08-08 03:40:37
Blu ray players have higher video and audio qualities than DVD players. they are 1080p and need a 1080p HDTV for maximum performance but a lesser TV will still have better qualities with a Blu ray.
You also can internet access capabilities for streaming video so you don't need a new smart TV.
If you have or expect to buy an HDTV go for Blu-ray
It's worth it in our opinion to get the improved picture quality especially as prices have dropped to 69-199. A high-def Blu-ray disc contains more picture data than a DVD so images look more detailed and lifelike. You'll see the benefits of a Blu-ray player most on a 1080p HDTV which can display all the pixels in an image but you can appreciate the added detail on a 720p TV. If you buy a player with streaming video capability you'll also have access to countless movies and TV episodes online usually for a fee either a subscription or pay-per-view. DVD palyers do not have this capability. For the ultimate in future-proofing check out a 3D-capable player.

Note that a new Blu-ray player can send 1080p high-def signals from a Blu-ray disc only via HDMI. With an older HDTV that lacks such an input you can connect to the Blu-ray player via a component-video input to get 720p or 1080i HD signals although newer Blu-ray players made after January 1 2011 limit video resolution sent via component-video outputs to 540p.
A DVD cannot play blu ray discs.
A blu ray can play both DVD and blu ray discs plus DVD-RW CD Blu-ray BD-RE CD-R Blu-ray CD-RW DVD DVD-ROM DVD-R DVDR DVD-Audio CD DA DVDRW Blu-ray BD-R MP3 and jpeg.

So bottom loine get a blu ray.
How to get your TV installed by Greg for basically no additional cost
Best deal to save hundreds of dollars. Buy a surround sound system with blu ray for about 228 savings 200. Buy a non-smart TV and save 350. You saved 550 which is Greg's cost for premium installation.
Get Greg to install it
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2012-08-08 03:36:18
Consider video streaming options
If you want a Blu-ray player that can stream video make sure it offers the movie services of interest to you. Offerings vary by brand and sometimes by models within a brand. In fact if your Internet-connected TV doesn't offer a streaming service you want you might be able to get it by buying a different brand of Blu-ray player. The available content could change over time if the player manufacturer makes different arrangements with movie providers. Buying an Internet-enabled player costs much less than buying a TV with Internet access smart TV yet it can provide you with access to the same content. If you plan to connect to the Internet determine whether you can deal with a wired connection to your home network or whether you want a player with Wi-Fi capability. Factor in the cost of an optional adapter if one is required. A direct connection to you internet line via ethernet cable will be faster speed of content than a WIFI.
Some internet services are pandora netflix apple TV Google TV hulu VUDU cinema now and You tube. Check which palyer offers the service you desire. Some players support 3-D and some do not.
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Going With Surround Sound
2012-04-19 16:38:02
A surround sound system gives you added experience in audio sound when viewing movies on your new TV. A more theater like experience can be achieved superior to a sound bar for almost the same price. I have seen sound bars and surround sound systems for about 125 at Walmart and HHgreg. OF course you can spend close to 1000 foe Bose or Yamaha or Definity speakers if you like.
A sound system consists of an amplified receiver with a sub woofer and 5 or 6 satelite speakers. These can be installed relatively inexpensively around the room. A more expensive system where the wiring is concealed in the walls and ceiling with in-wall and ceiling speakers can also be installed for additional cost.
I recommend a surround sound system over a sound bar because you can get a surround sound system for the same price and you get a theatre like sound. A surround sound system or sound bar is about 100-300. A sound bar offers 2.1 channels whereas a surround sound system is 5.1 6.1 or 7.1 channels. The .1 is the sub woofer. The 567 are the of speakers.
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