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Flat Screen TV Mounting Service

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Flat Screen TV Mounting

Correct TV wall mounting requires that your mount be fastened to studs, which are spaced evenly along the wall. But if that won't neatly place it where you want it we can add behind-the-wall braces, which allows us to precisely place it. Please see our discussion on TV Mount for which mount is best for your situation.

Surge Protection

The other issue you will encounter is surge protection. If you just add a wall receptacle behind the TV you won't be getting surge protection for your new flat screen. Have you ever burn out an electrical device or a phone line due to a lightning strike?  I have.  Please see the next section for more information about this.

Behind Wall Wiring

We'll run all your low-voltage cables behind the wall. That means adding a low-voltage electric box where your TV will be mounted, running the cables through the wall, and adding another low-voltage box where the wires emerge.

Please pick up the necessary cables, your TV signal HDMI cable, a second for your DVD player, and any computer or game system cables you might want to include, in sufficient lengths to reach to where you want the wires to emerge. Remember you're going to want al least a couple extra feet on both ends.

You'll also need to get 110 volts to your TV. There are more than one way to solve this problem, but just placing a 110 receptacle behind your TV might not be the best solution. If you want high-end surge suppression for your new set you'll need more. Please see our electrical components page for our solution to this problem

In addition to solving the surge protection problem we have specialized outlet covers to make the final result more attractive, which also can be seen on our electrical components page.

Surround Sound

If you've purchased a surround sound system we can also install this for you. We will route the wires to either the back or side walls, and have a few techniques to accomplishing it.

Cost of Installation

WALL MOUNT TV - includes mount and HDMI cable - $395.

Sound bars and surround sound available at additional cost.

An over the fireplace installation may be a little more.

We beat all big box store prices!

wall mount TV
Sixty inch TV flush-mounted with installed sound bar   (mouse over image for before picture)

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Hours of operation are Mon - Fri 9 am - 5:30 pm, closed Saturday and Sunday.

The photos show an installation on plaster walls and required behind the wall braces to center the mount over a fireplace. The braces were added and wall closed up again.

install behind wall braces run wires behind wall
Install behind the wall braces Run wires behind the wall
install flatscreen wallmount flatscreen tv installation completed
Install TV mounting bracket Flat screen TV installation completed.

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