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Best Surge Protection Solution!

Electrical Components


Electrical Components With Surge Protection

2 gang kit surge surpressor and lv box

Contains standard 110 outlet plus low-voltage.
Use extension cord to your surge suppressor.
Surge suppressor 110 outlet in separate box.
Two low-voltage boxes needed, only one shown.

Upper left: This solution is great and provides the best in surge protection. Just run the provided extension cord from the male outlet to your high end surge suppressor. This component configuration is $85 as shown.

Upper right: This 110 outlet is a specialized surge protected receptacle. This solution requires separate boxes for 110 and low-voltage. A second low-voltage box goes down to where you wires emerge. This configuration is $50.

Components Without Surge Protection


Wide low-voltage boxes go above + below.
These give you amble room to run a dozen cables.
Wired directly from a receptacle below.
Does not inherently have surge protection.

Lower left: Some have run a longer power cord from the back of their set directly to their surge suppressor on the floor. You'll want to try bundling the wires and plugging in and operating your set beforehand because the high-voltage wire may cause interference to low-voltage cables. But their primary purpose of these 2 -gang boxes is to handle a lot of low-voltage cables. This configuration is valued at $30.

Lower right: This product combines a 110 outlet and low-voltage access that can be used when there is an AC receptacle directly below to which a wire may be run. It provides no surge protection unless your existing AC receptacle is replaced with a surge suppression unit, which costs another $25. However, it is best to use high-end surge protection. This configuration costs $75 as shown.

The Decision is Yours

These are some nice solutions to wiring your set so you don't see the wires. However, whatever solution you decide on make sure it's a surge protection solution.

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